In a week that starts off with Valentine’s Day, it felt right to put a little rhyme in our blog title. Poetry and mortgages don’t tend to cross paths too often, so if you want to call us visionaries, we will allow it.

Layered within that beautiful rhyme is an important point for anybody looking to sell their home. This is that the most opportune month of the year to do so is on the horizon.

According to research from RightMove, March is the best month to sell your home judging by market statistics. 

Our latest blog takes a look into why this might be, and what this could mean for you.

Why is March the best time to sell a home?

RightMove has found a fairly consistent trend within the mortgage market for the month of March.

In the past five years, excluding 2020 when COVID-19 hit the UK in earnest, March has been the month in which the highest number of enquiries for property on sale have been recorded.

According to RightMove, March has also seen a consistent pattern of more new listings, increased buyer demand, and more home valuation requests in recent years.

Add to this the fact that the second-strongest month is April and third-strongest is May, and now is really the time to start looking to get your property onto the market if selling is what you wish to do.

Building on a strong start to 2022

As well as the consistently strong time of year being on the horizon, recent months have included many trends which are favourable to people who may be looking to sell a property.

There has already been a huge demand for mortgages in the early part of the year, while the possibility of home movers making a healthy profit in 2022 is something we have recently touched upon here at Roots Mortgages.

2021 also saw a significant uplift in the number of first time buyers, meaning demand for property from this type of buyer in 2022 could well be strong.

And there is also the recent mortgage rates rise to throw into the equation. Now, no home owner will be delighted about this trend, but the chances are that another rise will be in the offing in the near future. Getting a fixed mortgage rate deal on a new property and selling your old property sooner rather than later could prove advantageous in the long run.

Strike while the iron’s hot?

There is always plenty to consider when selling your home. But there are certainly a few interesting elements at play at the moment that make the upcoming couple of months an opportune period to get moving with any plans you may have.

Of course, having a place you wish to move to lined up is central to any home move. But if you have seen plenty of feasible options on the market, then selling up during the year’s mortgage purple patch could be a useful endeavour.

As always, we encourage you to seek the right support if you are looking to sell or buy a home, particularly if you are seeking a mortgage as a contractor or as a freelancer

But with the right approach and things falling your way, selling your home in the near future could be a smooth and rewarding process.